Sunday, December 16, 2012

Update on product reviews

Revlon Colorburst lipgloss (in Sunset Peach and Peony)

Packaging; the packaging is little long like for lipstick but still manageable to easily slid into a purse or a wristlet. Lipgloss cap stays nicely in place, not allowing for any spills or left over product on the edges after application. Love the brush being flat and not typical round shape like most lipglosses. The brush allows for easy application of the product.

Product: Absolutely love the consistency of the Colorburst lipgloss. It does not smudge or run over. The Revlon lipgloss has a thicker consistency that stays on even for few hours and does not smudge over. The product has little shimmer to it after application and tints lips just enough without looking fake or over done. The lipgloss does not have any smell or taste to it, which in my opinion is good as some of  other products cause allergic reactions on my skin, even the lips. Overall I am very satisfied with Revlon Colorburst lipgloss.


NYX The Curve eyeliner

Packaging: The packaging is actually the main reason why I tried The Curve by NYX. It is definitely not a typical shape for an eyeliner but very eye catchy. Surprisingly the shape of The Curve makes it super easy to apply and create lines at any angle.

Product: Love, love, love! The tip of The Curve is nice and thin which allows to create thin and thick lines as desired. Because I have rather low lids most eyeliners leave smudges over my crease and under brow line but this one does not smudge, even after full work day. I have been using it almost daily for few months and yet have to experience any problems with it. Absolute favorite so far.


NYX HD Studio Primer

Packaging: Nice small bottle, easy to fit in the carry on or every day purse. Product pumps out which keeps it all in place instead of being messy and getting everywhere.

Product: Another amazing product from NYX. First when you apply the primer you see small white tint on your face but it blends in nicely with the foundation. The primer does hold any make up amazingly from foundation to eye shadows. Unlike other primers I have tried in my past it keeps my skin nice and matte and prevents it from getting oily. Plus not to mention it does not break your bank. Love it!


Maybelling Dream Fresh BB Cream

Packaging: Nice small bottle, easy to fit in purse or make up bag. One problem I had with it that when opened some of the product comes out creating a mess on the packaging and a lot of it comes out when trying to get just a small amount of the product.

Product: It was a first BB cream I actually tried and liked it a lot. It added nice tint to my face and thanks to the BB cream I was able to use much less foundation than I usually used to with even better effects than foundation itself. The cream helped to cover some of my skin’s dark spots but not 100%. Overall I was very satisfied with it and will keep it in my daily make up routine.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


This is the first experience I had with N.Y.C.’s cosmetics. I never really had a chance to try their product until this pallet created for green eyes. I purchased “Smokey greens” and tested it out for myself.

Packaging:  The packaging includes: applicator, primer, illuminator and a set of four shadows. The colors are coordinated to “intensify and enhance” the eye color. The box is thick but not heavy and can easily fit inside any purse or cosmetic bag.

Product: The primer and illuminator feel little oily, which at first made me think it would make the eye shadow clump or made it too shinny but I was wrong. The shadows feel very smooth and the only downside is that I needed more generous amount to be applied to the eyelid for desired effect.

Results: The shadow actually lasted all day and did not smudge. I did not expect such a cheap product to last as long and so well throughout the day. The purples for “smokey greens” did bring out the color of my eyes and made the green color look more intense.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review of new purchases coming this week :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Casual day

Something that will always find a place in my closet are casual t-shirts and tanks. They’re easy to dress either down or up. Today I felt very casual so I went with this tank I got from PacSun and paired it with looser jeans and flip flops. I added a headband and a chunky Fossil gold tone watch for accessories.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yellow apple

It’s summer season again and it is also summer dress season. There are many dress styles to choose from ranging from strapless to minis. One of the newest additions to my clothing collection is this pretty little yellow number from Target. The dress was around $20, which is definitely a perfect price for any girl on a budget. Lately I’ve also been very into strapless dresses and this one sits on very well, even for girls with no so full top like myself. I love the bright yellow color of the top of the dress and the little apple detail on the skirt part also adds a nice casual feel to it. I also got an orange version of the dress with poppy print but that to come in the next few days.

Dress: Target, watch: Fossil, shoes: Guess