Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome to my doll life!

     I figured that the most proper way of starting the first post would be with explaining how the name and the blog itself came about. Starting with the idea for the blog… I always loved fashion and all things related. My mom introduced me to Vogue, Elle and everything that came with this beautiful passion. She also used to be an Avon representative so I would get my little hands on all the cool make-up and goodies they had for kids as well as my mom’s grown up make-up. My mom was always my style inspiration, because she always manages to look so classy yet so daring. As a little girl I always wished I would grow up to look like my mom and funny enough when I look at her picture when she was my age we look like twins! So I guess I got my wish. Since those young years I always loved fashion and everything that came with it but when it came to college I chose to pursue psychology as my major. This blog is sort of an outlet for me to write about anything I want or just go silly with the fashion choices, plus such a good excuse to get dressed up ;)
     Moving on to the name Dag’s Doll Life. Well my lovely mom always calls me “lalka” which means doll in Polish. It has been the nickname she used for me since I can remember. My cousin and close friend collaborated on the idea of Dag’s Doll Life when I told them I wanted to start a blog, since I liked the name I just went with it.

     I will try to keep the blog updated as much as possible, so I hope for everyone’s patience as I go through this journey with it. Hope everyone enjoys!

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