Sunday, October 7, 2012


This is the first experience I had with N.Y.C.’s cosmetics. I never really had a chance to try their product until this pallet created for green eyes. I purchased “Smokey greens” and tested it out for myself.

Packaging:  The packaging includes: applicator, primer, illuminator and a set of four shadows. The colors are coordinated to “intensify and enhance” the eye color. The box is thick but not heavy and can easily fit inside any purse or cosmetic bag.

Product: The primer and illuminator feel little oily, which at first made me think it would make the eye shadow clump or made it too shinny but I was wrong. The shadows feel very smooth and the only downside is that I needed more generous amount to be applied to the eyelid for desired effect.

Results: The shadow actually lasted all day and did not smudge. I did not expect such a cheap product to last as long and so well throughout the day. The purples for “smokey greens” did bring out the color of my eyes and made the green color look more intense.

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